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Menswear maker Buck Mason targeted its video ads in Instagram Stories to a 1% lookalike audience, which significantly increased its return on ad spend compared to previous conversion campaigns.

The Goals

Increasing awareness and sales. The menswear makers wanted to reach potential customers using ads in Instagram Stories to ultimately boost online and in-store sales.


To ensure it reached people who were most likely to purchase, the brand created a Custom Audience of people who had made an online purchase in 2016. It then targeted its ad in Stories to a 1% lookalike audience based on this Custom Audience. Buck Mason also targeted a broad audience of men aged 25–54 living in the US.

Finally, it optimized the campaign for the “purchase” conversion event, ensuring the Stories were delivered to people in its target audience who were most likely to purchase a product.


The campaign was a great success, thanks to the Buck Mason team’s strategic targeting and enticing creative. The week-long campaign not only had a 3.2X return on ad spend, but improved the brand’s return on ad spend by 29%, compared to past conversion campaigns.

  • We plan to use Instagram Stories across both prospecting and retargeting campaigns. It gives us a canvas to tell a short story in a creative way.